• Q . Can i edit my Profile?
  • A . You can edit your profile by Clicking here.

Note: If u want to Edit Your Email or Phone Number Please Contact us at

  • Q. How to register for Tournaments?
  • A. Click on the Tournament you wish to play, click on the "Join Now" button, fill out your registration form and click "Submit"

  • Q. After registration where can i see my Teams & Brackets?
  • A. Click on the tournament you have registered for,

      Here you can see the teams and brackets

  • Q. Where can i see my results after the tournament?
  • A. Click on the tournament you have registered for,

     Here you can see the Results.

  • Q. Can i be able to delete my Account on Amplify Gaming?
  • A. Once created, you can’t delete your account.


  • Q. How will i get my Prize after i win the tournament?
  • A. The Prize money will be sent to your account via online transaction, you will get an Email asking for your KYC.
  • Q. What if i don’t have KYC?
  • A. In case of you not having KYC, you must provide either your Parents or Guardians KYC details.

 As Applicable Taxes will be deducted at source (TDS) u/s 194B of the Income Tax Act, 1961 prevailing as on date or any other statutory provision which will be effective as on the date when the prize money will be paid. From April 1, 2018 it will be Income Tax - 30%, Health & Education Cess - 4%, Total Tax will be = 31.2%.

The TDS will be deposited to your pan account, consult your audit for the same.

Lobby Details

  • Q. Where can i get the Info about Lobby Details?
  • A. Your captain will get a text message which includes
    1. Room Number

    2. Room Password

    3. Which Group you are in

    4. Start Time.


All transactions between all software and the servers systems pass through several layers of encryption. Players can be assured that all their data is safe with us.

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